New Mama: 5 Apps You Need

Here are 5 apps that make life a lot easier as a new mama:

Wonder Weeks

Track your baby's expected behavioral and developmental cycles week by week with this app, developed from 35 years of study by Dr. Frans Plooij. I loved the feeling of relief I had when my daughter was extra fussy and clingy, and Wonder Weeks would confirm it was due to a learning curve. This app was a great resource for me to learn what she was going through, and more or less what to expect in her development stages. 


When you're feeding a baby, the world gets quiet for a moment until thoughts start flooding in with things to do, around the house or otherwise. Todoist is a productivity tool for making lists, goals, and everything in between. I use it for planning holiday meals with my mom and sister, keeping track of family goals with my husband, and for noting short and long-term objectives for myself. 

Sound Sleeper

White noise is every mom's secret weapon, especially in keeping a baby asleep. Sound Sleeper is responsible for extending many naps for my little one. Waves crashing on the beach, thunderstorms, and the hairdryer were some of our favorite sounds to create a buffer, so little things like emptying the dishwasher didn't startle our sleeping babe. 

Peapod or InstaCart

There are days when it is impossible to leave the house, but the fridge is empty. Those days, some of us can call a family member, but most of us could use a little extra help. Peapod and InstaCart, among others that may be more available in your area, deliver groceries of your choosing to right to the front door. 


Shopping outside of the home was nearly impossible with a newborn. I relied on Zulily to fill in the blanks when it came to shopping for clothes, shoes, home supplies, and even skincare (Hello, Dr. Hauschka sale!) at a bargain price. Some of my daughter's most loved pieces like her leather moccasins, ring sling carrier, and toys are from Zulily. Sign up here!