The Un-Diaper Bag

I don't love the term diaper bag. Somehow, it denotes a mysteriously heavy  muddle of oozing diapers, crushed Cheerios, and "just in case" extras that never needed needing. When I set out to find a diaper bag to fit my needs,  I became disenchanted with the standards marketed for moms; too many clashing colors, too many pockets, too large, etc . I longed for something truly classic, chic even, that could hold everything I needed without looking bulky or falling into a mess every time I set it down. 

After reading too many reviews on every sort-of-stylish diaper bag I could find, I realized I had gone about it all wrong. What I needed was a tote. A leather tote. And some sort of insert that could keep all of my belongings organized and easy to find. I settled on a simple, tall black tote and a clear zippered insert for diapers, cream, and wipes so I could easily spot what I needed. I feel the Un-Diaper bag is simply more me because it retains the part of me that existed before becoming a mother; the part that is spontaneous, practical, and enthusiastic about personal style. I keep a little backpack with toys, a change of clothes, and extra diapers separate as "her" bag in the car, or stroller so we always have what we need without having to actually carry all of it, all the time. 




Are you with me on my Un-Diaper Bag Crusade? I'd love to hear what worked best for you!