The Secret to Fresh Smelling Laundry

I've been enthralled with the smell of laundry ever since I was young; I buried my face in my parent's shoulders as I hugged them to get a big whiff, and loved the smell that wafted from the dryer vents as I played in our backyard. Let's just say that when I first met my husband, his clean-laundry eau de Caruso was 100% working in his favor. 

When I became pregnant and obsessed with the idea that toxins could affect my pregnancy, whether breathed or through contact with my skin, I made some changes to how we wash our clothes, among other things. Namely, I switched to fragrance-free detergent so that we could wash the entire family's dirty clothes all as one, remembering how sensitive baby's skin would be.  

After a few tries, my husband's CrossFit clothes were still not completely cleansed with the Free & Clear detergent, so I was bummed. I even gave in and purchased Honest Oxy Boost for a few months, and it worked wonderfully, but our budget constraints pushed me to find a cheaper alternative. When the last Honest pod was used, I scoured the ingredient label for clues, and found Boric Acid, also known as Borax. On my next trip to Target, I picked up a box and haven't looked back. Now, our laundry smells fresh, and free of added fragrances when I add one cup full to each load. Borax also works as an expert stain-lifter, tile grout brightener, and greasy sink cleaner, so it's a great addition to our usual cleaning lineup.