4 Items to Organize a Mess

We live in a 2 bedroom condo, so space is limited and the items in our home must be functional and also fit our aesthetic. After reading Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I related to the way she categorizes her clients. She says there are 3 types of people who have trouble being tidy: those that can't put things away, those that can't throw things out, and those who have trouble with both-- which is 100% me. I realized it was time for some organizing solutions to organize the daily messes that seemed to crop up out of nowhere! Am I alone in this?


To me, there is nothing more energy-zapping than staring at an ugly plastic basket full of clothes that have been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for so long I can not remember if they are clean or dirty (ew). This wire hamper with canvas insert makes the piles of dirty clothes disappear, and makes my little helper happy to push it over to the washing machine. 



We love our books. We start and end every day with stories, most of which are housed in large picture books. It can be tricky to find space to keep them accessible for reading, and off of the coffee table, floor, couch, etc. This acrylic office file folder was the best $8 I've spent. The colorful bindings are on display through the clear acrylic, and the books have a place to belong when it's time to clean up. 


We have really enjoyed keeping our toys in wire baskets like this one because we can see exactly which toy we are looking for at all times. The wide mouth top makes a game out of tidying as we toss the blocks and things back in. As our girl grows, these baskets aren't specific to her room and we can move them around the house as we need, which made spending on organizational items a little easier to justify. 


I am a certified beauty product junkie, and my bathroom is always overflowing with products. Usually, I keep my products lined up in the medicine cabinet, but we don't have one in our current home, so I use the linen closet to store my wares. I found this pretty organizer to be a convenient holster for my eyeshadow palettes, foundation, lipsticks, and on and on. I love that everything is accessible and visible at first glance. Because it is all contained, I'm also not tempted to have more than what fits right in, so it's safe to say I've minimized a bit too.