Travel Gear for Summer Vacations

Summer is right around the corner, and with weekend trips and summer vacation plans on the calendar, I've picked out my favorite travel gear that makes each trip more convenient, relaxing, and enjoyable. Since I'm an avid traveler, packing has become one of my fortes. I've created a trip packing guide for you to download, to streamline the packing process into an organized to-do list. 


After a few disaster trips when I forgot essentials and lost track of my things, I learned that the key to a successful trip is to keep things organized. Zippered pouches, shoe bags, and clear makeup cases have become absolute necessities to store items separately by theme so I can grab them as needed. For beauty items, I keep a little box of samples which are perfect for traveling light and frequently stock up with minis from Sephora's travel size section

A rolling suitcase is perfect for weekend trips and air travel. | Shoe bags keep things from getting dirty (or smelly). | A sleeping mask is great for catching rest without light distractions. | Laundry bags are a must for bringing home dirty clothes because they keep the clean clothes fresh and separate. | We love using a sturdy backpack for our toddler's necessities. | A canvas duffle is perfect for carting personal items that may need to be grabbed during transit, like supplements, beauty items, or tech gear. | A slim cosmetic pouch is perfect for touch up items, tickets, and a mini notebook. | Clear cosmetic bags can be used for TSA scanning without the hassle of plastic bags, and they hold up well over time. | An iPad is a lightweight, sleek option for productivity and entertainment away from home. | This battery pack ensures charging capabilities even without access to an outlet - genius!|