How To Make a Hotel Room Feel Like Home


We've been living in our hotel for about 10 days now, and after all the unpacking, the living area still felt a little empty. To remedy that, there were a few things I did to make it feel more cozy and comfortable during our stay. 


As soon as we walked into our space, I immediately took all of the hotel flyers and hid them in the bedside drawer. Since I am trying to catch up on rest, I unplugged the alarm clock and put it under the bed because those glowing red numbers are such a distraction from sleep. When I am spending time in the room, my mind is free to wander when it's not faced with mini advertisements and notices on nearly every surface. A bright bouquet of purple tulips, as pictured above, is currently on our dining table and has brought life and beauty in that I subconsciously grin every time they catch my eye. 


At Home in a Hotel / neutral shirts /

There is nothing worse than living completely out of a suitcase because by the second day, the inside of the suitcase resembles a laundry pile. With some handy travel size counter wipes, clean out the drawers to unpack clothes and personal items. Utilize the closet to line up shoes and hang clothes to release wrinkles. There is something much more civilized about thumbing through hangers of clothes, rather than rummaging through a full suitcase. 


Make the bathroom a little sacred space for your skincare and beauty regimen. Line up your toiletries for easy access. Put your makeup brushes in a coffee mug. Let your signature scent stand out on display. Getting ready is much more efficient when everything is out and ready to use. 


Music is a mood shifter and the oldest comfort in the world. Play your favorite music while you get ready in the mornings, or as you unwind at night. I always travel with my iPad, but a travel-friendly Bluetooth speaker would also do the trick. 


At Home in a Hotel / master suite /

For me, a robe, a journal, essential oils, current books, and my favorite coffee are necessary luxuries that I always travel with. They bring me comfort and help me stick with my daily routine, without sacrificing much space in my luggage. I just listened to a podcast from Jess Lively about her extended travel in Europe. She mentioned that she also brought along a few special items to make every place she traveled have something familiar that put her at ease. I love feeling like I can still have some of the comforts of home with me while I am away. 

What are some of the things you use and cherish daily that could fit in your suitcase? 


Nicole M. Caruso

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