How I Knew It Was Forever Love



There's that saying, "you know when you know" and many people who finally meet their Forever Love know what that means, but it can be difficult to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it yet. So, how did I know that I knew Stephen was my Forever Love? 

When you know something, you know it. There are 3 stages in a relationship that help us to sift through the people we are not interested in until we finally strike gold. 


This stage is most like a job interview, because those first few dates consist of a lot of small talk, light humor, and minimal vulnerability. In reality, it's research. As we date, we collect information about personality types, world views, interests, family culture, and more. This stage is where we scratch the surface, and see what aligns with our heart's desires. 

Usually there is some sort of spark, something that makes each person want to know more, and that desire to know more is what gives us that puppy-love-glaze when we think or talk about the person we're interested in, as if we've discovered a truth that makes sense of our world. 

After the first few dates I had with Stephen, he spoke about his goals and aspirations, and they completely aligned to mine. It became easy to imagine my life with him by my side, and I started to feel hopeful that our relationship was taking root; there was a deeper connection that we were cultivating with each and every conversation we shared. 


Once I began to feel that Stephen was "safe" in the sense that I could trust him, and that I admired his character from the way he treated himself, me, and others around him, I opened up. He was so easy to talk to, and I felt he truly understood me, so I began to share more private goals, dreams, fears, and mistakes. Rather than making me feel foolish, or teasing, or completely glossing over what I said like the previous guys I had dated, he heard me; heard me in a way that made me feel respected, loved, special, and important. 

And that was the beginning of the end. That was when I knew. I knew he was my Forever Love because his support, tenderness, humor, and delivery matched the hopes I held in my heart all my for the way the man of my dreams would honor me.  We had a fluidity that I had never experienced with another person; a natural rhythm that silently hummed every minute we spent together. 


Falling in love is like hearing truth spoken to you for the first time. Like a cold wave, it hits you, and at once your intuition goes into full alert mode. After 3 months of courtship (intentional are-we-meant-to-be dating), we knew it was love and told each other so. 

After that insecure feeling of does-this-person-love-me-how-I-love-them was lifted, our relationship hit the ground running and we felt unstoppable. We were ready for marriage, and we were ready to start our lives together in a committed relationship. We were engaged after 8 months of dating, and married 5 months after that. Once we knew we were meant for each other, there was no time to lose! And we've never looked back.

Our life as a married couple has been filled with richness and a deeper level of love that we couldn't experience while dating. The beauty of creating a home, living side by side, and cultivating a family culture has given us both so much hope, peace, and fulfillment. And though our marriage is not perfect, it requires work to make it better and better (just like anything else). I have never been more sure of anything in my life, than the day I knew I would marry Stephen, which was long before he proposed. There is a fearlessness that comes with knowing, and no matter how many hurdles we have faced together, we remain fearless as a team, stable and forever in love. 

Nicole M. Caruso

I was born in Manhattan to two native New Yorkers who met working in the Garment Industry. Fashion was the family business. Suburban Connecticut is where I grew up and often daydreamed about someday attending New York Fashion Week.

When I was in college studying Communication & Media, I met the man of my dreams. We married nearly one year after our first date, and have been adventuring together ever since. While we moved around the country for his job, I freelanced as a makeup artist, worked in retail, and blogged about style & beauty as a creative outlet. 

Moving back to New York led to serendipitously working for two major fashion houses, where I learned the ins and outs of the industry, and attended Fashion Week both backstage and in the tents. Soon after, Verily Magazine brought me on as Beauty Editor, which was my dream job. It combined all of my passions and hobbies into one, and granted me a deeper understanding of print and digital media. One year after that, I had my daughter and experienced true fulfillment in motherhood. 

Everywhere I have traveled, I have met incredible women who inspired me to be the best version of myself; to wake up every day feeling confident and ready to Carpe Diem. I want to inspire women to explore their feminine genius by investing in their self-worth. This lifestyle blog is the place where I can share my worldview, my experiences, and my tips and tricks to live a more fulfilling life, which include expert style and beauty advice, tips for healthy living, and reflections on marriage and motherhood.