Monochromatic Summer Floral Arrangement

This time of year, markets are overflowing with summer blooms. Fresh flowers bring warmth and life into the home, and a monochromatic floral arrangement is like an explosion of color in a room. I chose merlot buckeye belle peonies and raspberry pink alstroemeria. For about $14, I filled 3 vases; one for each bedroom and one for the dining room table. Every time my eye catches sight of these blooms, I feel like everything looks brighter and more cheery. 

After trimming the leaves and stems with my shears, I filled the vases with water about 3/4 of the way full. With my little helper standing by, I cut the flowers at varying heights to create visual interest. Then, I asked my little one to place the flowers in the vases one by one (toddlers absolutely love feeling that they are an integral part of a task, and this was just perfect for her). The stems look best, I think, when they take a shape of their own as they fill the vase, so that their origins come through the display. The varied cuts create organic volume and fullness, as they would grow in nature. 

This is just one simple way to create visual interest at home, and a monochromatic bouquet doubles as a great hostess gift for your next gathering.