How to Budget for Beauty

How to buy beauty on a budget /

In my recent Q&A video, one of you asked how to budget for beauty items (see my answer here). I thought I would share the specifics of how to spend and save on skincare, makeup, body, and hair products. 



  • Enzyme Exfoliators -- a hi-tech blend that melts away dead skin. 
  • Serum -- designed to sink deeply into the skin to renew and repair.
  • Night Cream -- hydrates the skin overnight and keeps it from inflammation.
  • Eye cream -- firming, moisturizing, and not too heavy for the delicate skin around the eyes.


  • Clay -- for DIY face masks. Mix a teaspoon with raw honey or jojoba oil for a quick detox mask.
  • Witch Hazel -- a gentle toner that removes dead skin and excess oils that is also safe for all skin types. 
  • Jojoba Oil -- nature's luxurious oil that soothes, plumps, and instantly hydrates (use it on the tips of hair too!). 
  • Gritty scrub -- a good old fashioned gritty scrub for those times when nothing else works.
  • Epsom salts -- for a relaxing, detox bath. 
  • Remover wipes -- look for a brand with little to no fragrance or alcohol for quick, gentle makeup removal. 



  • Base colors -- concealer and foundation are hard to find in skin-like finishes with wide color ranges just anywhere. Get pro help at places like Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks, or Bergdorf Goodman to personalize your look. 
  • Powders -- eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and setting powders that are finely milled and made with incredible pigments make for easy application and long-lasting finishes. 
  • Brow products -- gels, shadows, and pencils have better staying power, true-to-life shades, and don't go flaky. 


  • Brushes -- find high quality synthetic brushes from my favorite brand Real Techniques.
  • Mascara -- since it needs frequent replacement and dries out quickly. 
  • Lip products -- because they are usually very similar formulas and finishes to most high-end lines. 
  • Gel eyeshadow pots -- to wear under eyeshadow as a base, or alone for a sheer wash of color, and they tend to dry out quickly so it's not worth paying too much. 



    • Self tanning -- trust the sunless tanners flying off shelves of the high-end stores for the most subtle, even tan. 
    • Fragrance -- for higher oil content and richer scents, which makes the smell linger longer. 


    • Dry brush -- to slough off dead skin and increase circulation, which detoxifies the body and smoothes skin at the same time. 
    • Tools -- nail clippers, tweezers, cotton pads, etc.



    • Setting sprays -- for that supermodel hair, stick to the brands that actually do hair backstage at the runway shows. 
    • Hair treatments -- leave in conditioners, masks, scalp treatments, and serums are worth paying the extra buck. 
    • Dry shampoo -- for sheer, volumized, touseled hair that doesn't have white roots stick to the department store brands. 


    • Shampoo and conditioner -- because our hair can "get used to" certain formulas, it's good to change it up on a dime. 
    • Gel -- for sleek looks, drugstore gel is where it's at.
    • Accessories -- elastics, bobby pins, clips are so easy to lose and cheap to replace. 

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