How to Cleanse For Your Skin Type

As a makeup artist, I've worked with hundreds of women and seen many skin types sitting in my chair. The same way our interior beauty reflects in our exterior, our skin reflects much of our diet, sleep patterns, and hygiene. Over and over, it occured to me that not all women know exactly how to cleanse their face for their skin type. Facial skin just isn't the same as our body. It needs a little hand-holding, and more so when we are tired, stressed, or not getting enough nutrients. 

So, is there a right way to wash your face? Maybe not. But, there are little tricks to remove all of our makeup so our skin can breathe and regenerate while we sleep. Check out my favorites for each.



If you have dry skin, try a creamy cleanser that doesn't bubble up too much; some are called cleansing milks, and cleansing balms are also lovely. Drier skins need less contact with water in general. I recommend removing nightly makeup by massaging the cleanser over your skin while it is dry, then rinsing with warm water. Creams, milks, and balms rinse away clean without leaving that tight feeling afterward.



Normal skin ladies, rejoice! Embrace your balanced face with a cleanser that says it removes makeup and brightens. Though, having normal skin isn't a Get Out of Jail Free Card. Maintain the healthy balance you have by being proactive and pampering your skin as often as you can. An inexpensive, natural option that will lightly hydrate and balance while breaking down makeup is jojoba oil, and you won't regret having it in your beauty stash for a myriad of other uses. Jojoba oil deserves its own post, because I love it so. 



Oily skin may benefit from what is called Double Cleansing, where the layer of makeup is broken down by an oil cleanser or makeup wipe first, then washed with a treatment cleanser. Acne prone skin improves with this technique because it completely removes excess residue that can cause breakouts, and it preps the skin for overnight. 

I love sharing what works best for people. What's your skin type and what do you use? Share with me below!