Monday Motivation


Over the weekend I was struck with insomnia again, and this quote came to me: "Don't lose sleep over your mistakes, rather lose sleep to create your dreams." 

Opportunity lies in every moment, we've all heard that before. In the wide awake moments I kept feeling frustrated that I couldn't sleep, beating myself up over what potentially caused it, and on and on. Then I decided to do something about it. Not long after, I came up with this graphic, done in my handwriting, and the quote.

I loved it so much, I saved it as the background on my phone so I can read it throughout the day, since insomnia seems to be back again lately, no matter how much I try sleep hacking. I made the graphic for my own enjoyment and inspiration, but thought it might be a good Monday Motivation for some of you. If you'd like to download it for yourself, click here.

I hope no matter what you're losing sleep over, you can find a way to halt the negative self-talk, and create something. Sometimes, our best ideas come at the strangest times of day when we least expect it.