Invisible Structure: Undergarments Do Matter

We all wear them, and yet most of us find ourselves reliable on undergarments that, at best, are somewhat basic, and at worst, give gravity a carte-blanche. Bras, underwear, and shapewear make all the difference to how our clothes drape our bodies, so why do we neglect the very foundation of what we wear? 

There are a myriad of issues that improper undergarments create: slack bra straps that weigh us down, too-small cups with visible overflow, too-tight underwear, texture clashing fabrics that create creasing, and the list goes on.

Until recently, I had 8 different bras of varying sizes that did not fit, yet I kept holding on to them just in case my body changed again. Post-baby, I've found that a few well-fitting pieces helped make things look a bit neater and provide the invisible structure that I need. 


I don't know about you, but string bikini underwear are not my friend due to how they cut my hips in half, resulting in the infamous muffin-top effect. I've resorted to a cotton boy short for every day use, and a seamless lace one under dresses and skirts, or when I want to feel a little fancy. What's most important here is comfort and fit; look for thin, wide bands that don't create bulges in the tummy and backside. GapBody and Yummie by Heather Thomson make some of my favorites (especially when they're on sale).


As pregnancy inflated, breastfeeding deflated: the story of breasts after motherhood. Bras have never been more important or necessary, am I right? Pre-baby I shopped the clearance section of department stores or TJ Maxx and dutifully wore that bra until it fell apart. This no longer applies. I scrapped the lace-backed demi cups of days past, and now go for smooth fabrics that lift and enhance my shape, while also looking feminine. 


Dresses and some skirts look best draped over a smooth foundation. There is nothing worse than catching a glance in a mirror only to see a undergarment create creases or bulges. Worse yet, sheer fabrics that don't encase a slip can show off a little more than we realize (flash photography can bare all). One of the best purchases I made as an adult is for a full-body slip to wear for special occasions. I personally like the feeling of a stretchy body-conforming slip because they don't bunch up under my clothes and look bulky. 

Not being a huge fan of shopping for these things in stores, I bought a little tailor's tape to track my measurements so that shopping online is gloriously more effective and less embarrassing than being sized up by a salesperson. Are there any brands you love to wear? Tell me in the comments! I am always on the hunt for better undergarments.