How I Keep My Leather Goods Clean

When it comes to buying bags and shoes that last, I started to buy leather goods. I've always loved a great leather jacket for its timelessness and versatility. Similarly, ankle booties have become my version of flats from October to April-- easy to throw on with everything from jeans to dresses. 

After living in Western Texas, I came upon my holy grail of leather care products, recommended to me by the owner of a cowboy boot shop. Meltonian Leather Lotion is my favorite conditioner for my boots, shoes, bags, and jackets. Leather, like skin, can get dry and crack, which may make the stain come off, or worse it can irreversibly damage it. Leather jackets especially can dry out by the wrists from wearing perfume and jewelry, so don't forget the inside of the cuff! This stuff is an all-in-one conditioner, water repellent, and cleaner, which is what sold me. 

I take an old rag, preferably one that doesn't leave lint behind, with a quarter size squeeze of the lotion. Work it into the area until smooth. The boot shop owner told me to apply one coat to clean it, and a second coat to shine it up. Works every time; even on my leather couch. 

Do you have a favorite leather cleaner?